You’ll be surprised to see just where a walk-in wardrobe will fit; our smart bedroom furniture designers can partition off the side of a bedroom – no matter what its size or shape.

Another option is to simply fit out any small spare room with our flexible and adaptable range of storage solutions. Find out how to plan the perfect walk-in wardrobe.

Having plenty of storage or a wardrobe in the bedroom is important for many people. The bedroom is for sleep, restitution and dreaming. When it’s untidy and covered in clothes and things, or just generally disorganized, it can be difficult to relax in. Smart, well organized storage makes it easier to keep things tidy and make it possible to relax.

Aptin’s clever storage solutions give you an option to customize your bedroom wardrobe which perfectly suit your needs regardless of the size of your bedroom and how many clothes you have. And if the number of clothes increases, it’s simple to adapt to your new requirements. Good bedroom storage makes it easy to find your clothes and other things, even when you’re sleepy in the morning.