Children’s Room

Kids room

Designing wardrobes for kids’ room is challenging yet fun. You have to achieve a functional and practical design that looks appealing and most importantly impress the young minds – the proud owners of these wardrobes.

Kids’ wardrobes should have almost all the features of an adult’s wardrobe, plus additional space for toys and knick knacks, but the mantra is ‘think small’ – in terms of size.  This is applicable especially if you are looking at the possibility of changing the wardrobe as the kid grows up and requires more closet space with additional features.

In the case of fitted and walk-in wardrobes, you may change the exterior design according to the age of the child.  As far as the interiors of these wardrobes are concerned, opt for adjustable shelves and easy pull down railings, making them easy for children to access. Parents may help with the storage on the higher shelves and these may be utilized for putting away things that are not needed on a daily basis. Later on as the child grows up these wardrobes may be refurbished and repurposed.

A smart, flexible storage solution is a big help to keep a child’s bedroom tidy. Small children have small clothes, and small clothes don’t take so much space. Flexible storage means you can move shelves and closet rods around as your child grows and clothes get longer. You can also add drawers, shelves and closet rods to the wardrobe. The available space can be used to the utmost, and you avoiding having to replace it.

Naturally, children’s interests change as they grow up. Imagine if you could quickly and easily change the way their storage is organized in line with their interests. They may need more space for small objects such as Lego? Or perhaps a creative corner with smart storage for your things? Aptin’s wardrobe solutions lets you add, remove or move things and functions around depending on the child’s age, interests and needs.

And if you label with a photo of the things stored there, even the smallest child can help keep things tidy. Imagine storage at the child’s height so that they can reach their own things.

A little extra thought about safety is necessary when small children are concerned. If using our top track for storage, on which you can snap all our components, child protection, may be required. (1)
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