In most homes the garage is the largest room in the house and typically the most neglected and cluttered; and yet, the garage has become the most used entryway into the home. Aptin designers will help create the best interior garage solution based on your unique practical and aesthetic needs. They will help you select a storage and garage floor coating system that compliments and reflects the interior styling of your home.

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes that nay homeowner can make when it comes to renovating their garage is not ensuring that their budget is properly set up. The best thing to do is to always estimate the total costs of your project on the higher end of things, especially if the project involves any kind of construction work such as adding new walls or electrical lines.

If someone is looking to transform their garage into a space that is livable, these are things that obviously should always be taken into consideration.

Use height for storage

By using a made-to-measure shelving system, you can use the full height and width of a wall. A top track with wall bands or hang standards for shelves and hooks is an excellent storage solution when utilizing height and creating more floor space. Add a tool storing board on which to hang tools.

Store things on wire shelves

It often seems as if there’s never quite enough light in the garage or storeroom. Wire shelves that allow light to pass through are a great choice for storage in such spaces. And because the shelves are also height-adjustable, you can adapt your storage according to what you need storing.

Flexible storage with hooks

By using hooks with a rack, you can quickly and easily fix and move them whenever required. The robust hooks are rubber-covered to protect your tools, and there are types for every purpose – from hosepipe and rake to spray bottles.