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Give your home office an efficient boost with these easy to follow tips

We all need a little inspiration to power through the day and get some work done. Having our own dedicated space to work with a little peace and quiet is all we want when working from home. So how do you create that perfect alcove to block out everything and focus?

There are some key essentials to keep in mind. Setup your home office in a place which has plenty of sunlight. As ergonomics is important, pick a chair that is comfortable to sit in, a desk that is large enough to fit your files, papers, computer / laptop and a table lamp. Lighting too is extremely important – dull lights tend to lull you while bright ones can hurt.

Once you know where you want to setup your home office, everything else can be arranged accordingly.

Want to make room for a creative work space at home? You might want some peace and quiet to finally begin that writing project? Start an interior design blog? Or just create a cosy corner for doing the accounts or other things? With a flexible storage solution, you can quickly change an area to suit your needs. When the sliding doors are open, you have a practical office space. With the doors closed, you have a presentable area where you can store things well away from fluff, sticky fingers and pets.