Every home is exceptional and so is your necessity. What your family’s eating habits are, size of your family and availability of space, all are crucial when it comes to designing your kitchen. It’s the layout of the kitchen, not its color or its style – that determines how easy it is to cook, serve and socialize in the kitchen.

An open wardrobe in the kitchen lets you show your kitchen things and mementos, making them part of your interior design. As kitchens come to play a bigger role in our lives, alternative storage solutions and shelves used to display kitchen accessories better have become more popular. If it’s the industrial style kitchen you like, we recommend our platinum-colored shelves. Our open shelves give a spacious look and a personal touch to your kitchen.

Walk-in style pantry?

If you have space in your kitchen, you can store foods and other items in a walk-in style pantry. A couple of sliding doors save space, and made-to-measure shelves mean that the available space in the pantry makes it possible to utilize space from floor to ceiling. 

Just like we want more space for our clothes and shoes in walk-in closets, we can also see a similar trend in the kitchen with rising demand for walk-in pantries. They create more room for foods and other items and make it possible to store in neat glass jars or other practical forms of packaging, whilst bringing tidiness and order to the kitchen.