Laundry Room


Laundry room design is a very important part of comfortable, functional and beautiful house designs. Laundry room ideas can be inspired by decorating small rooms to create bright and comfortable home interiors. A large laundry room design is a luxurious addition to modern homes, but more often a laundry room is small and does not have a window. Still these functional rooms can be comfortable and attractive.

Inspiration for a well-planned laundry room

The worst thing about washing is often the lack of space to sort dirty clothes and fold clean ones. Then you have to have washing powder, conditioner, detergent balls and washing bags, iron and ironing board easily available. And where do you put unpaired socks, not to mention everything else that ends up in the laundry room?

You can organize everything more easily. You get to wash the cloths and you get to iron them and to put them back where they belong and you don’t have to let anyone else see the process because it’s all there in the laundry room

Smart solutions in the laundry room

A good start to a well-planned laundry room is spacious shelves and gliding drawers, either in a wall hang or drawer frame. It then becomes easier to keep things tidy and store all those products you use in the laundry room. Make sure you have a good surface to work on for sorting and folding washing. A melamine shelf works well in a wall hang, and there are practical top shelves for the drawer frame. Dirty washing can be kept in cloth drawers or mesh storage bags.

The Perfect Laundry Basket

Our mesh storage bags are perfect for washing. They hang on a utility track or top track, and are easy to unhook or remove. If a red sock ends up in the bag for white clothes, it’s easy to take it out, as the whole side can be opened with a Velcro fastener.

Closet Rod Extends

If you have no room for a clothes horse or line to hang your washing on, you can use a closet rod as a practical and space-saving solution. Hang up tops and shirts/blouses to dry directly on their hangers so that half the work is already done – ready to hang in the wardrobe. They will also be easier to iron!

Save Space With A Drying Shelf

If you’re short of space in your laundry room, Elfa’s fold-down drying shelf is an excellent choice. It can take many garments and when not in use, can be folded down onto the wall, taking up no space in principle. Easy to mount direct on hang standards.

Hooks Mean Lots Of Options

Set up a rack, storing board or storing rack on your hang standards. You can then hang the hooks you need for brushes, mops, towels and other things that tend to accumulate in a laundry room. Hooks make it simple to see things and quickly find the things you use often. But the best place for the mop bucket is not a hook, it should be on the floor or a shelf under the mop to catch drops. Hooks are just as useful in other rooms, such as the garage, storeroom or garden shed, and the best thing about them is that they can just be moved to another storage item if you find a better use for them there.

Let Washing Air

Our mesh storage bags, mesh drawers and wire drawers mean that washing can be stored in an airy place, which is great whether it’s clean or dirty. The risk of bad smells is reduced, even if dirty clothes are damp.

Smart Drawers

Some of our drawers can be used as washing baskets in a drawer system, which is ideal clothes storage for clean washing in gliding drawer wooden frames. You could give each family member their own drawer for clean washing, so that they can fetch their own drawer from the laundry room and carry it in to their wardrobe. Another idea for washing is using gliding drawers instead of shelves in the wardrobe. One of the drawers can be labelled for dirty washing, and easily lifted out to be taken into the laundry room by the person doing the washing.

Putting Washing On Wheels

Put wheels on your drawer system, filled with smart drawers. Clean washing can then simply be rolled from washing machine to tumble dryer to line to space where you can fold your clothes. It can even be rolled all the way into the wardrobe…

Wall-Mounted Storage 

All wire shelf baskets and gliding drawers can be fitted on Aptin’s wall-mounted system, and provide practical storage in your laundry room. The combination of wall-mounted storage and wire shelves is also the best with regard to creating an easy-to-clean area: no solid shelves or corners to collect dust and a floor free from things make cleaning easy and quick.