Living Room


The living room is a place where friends gather, families belong and memories are created. It’s the most used place in a home. Our impeccably crafted living room solutions will compliment your personal style perfectly. Our entertainment units, utility cabinets and divider units would give you a living space where rounds of tea, bouts of laughter and sessions of chit chat would never end.

Inspiration for living room storage

Perhaps storage in the living room is not the first thing you think of. But there are often many things that require space, such as a TV, toys, remote controls and game consoles. And your book collection!

Aptin’s smart storage solutions need less space, bringing the large surfaces in your living room to life. Aptin’s smart storage solutions, you can customize your own storage wardrobe to perfectly suit your needs regardless of the size of your living room, regardless of size. You can install the wide range storage anywhere, regardless whether your style is romantic, industrial, modern or classic. One example is the shelves from our Décor range, which create a furniture look whilst being strong enough to support a TV and books. Match with a smart, tidy, gliding accessory tray with compartments and lid for all your remote controls and other things that have a habit of disappearing.

Sliding doors in front of your living room storage solution make it easy to hide things and create tidiness. Dare to take out the curves in the design of your sliding doors for a solution unlike anyone else’s. Tips: sliding doors can also be used as room dividers also.